Welcome to White Dog Friends!

In 2013 we began developing 8" stuffed mini white schnauzers to donate to people going through tough times. It took over a year to develop "just the right pup" and get the first stuffed dogs manufactured. The little dogs are designed after the White Dog advertising manager, "Addy." Addy is a mini white schnauzer, and the full time advertising mananger/greeter at White Dog Promotions LLC. You can see a little bit about Addy on her facebook page: www.facebook.com/addy.whitedog.

In December, 2014, we donated our first set of White Dog Friends to the MU Women's and Children's Hospital in Columbia, Missouri. This batch of dogs were given as Christmas presents to kids in the hospital. 

We will update this site soon to include pictures of Addy, the stuffed white dog dogs, and upcoming projects for White Dog Friends. Be watching for a facebook page to post pictures of you and your white dog. We'll also have a "Where's White Dog" section with pictures to "find" the white dog in the pictures. 

Dogs (and especially puppies) can be wonderful friends. These little stuffed dogs are providing a perfect way for us to give back to the community. A friend loves at all times, and we hope you feel loved this day and always.